"Your mission: To Serve and protect… potato salad."GaminGirls

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In this Ant smasher meets treasure defense game it’s up to you to squish, squash and splat the hungry horde of creepy crawlies away from your creamy, high-carb side dish.

It might not be that good… but it’s under attack!


Thousands of people pooled together tens of thousands of dollars to help one man make his first bowl of potato salad. Has the internet gone mad? And have they placed their cool and creamy dreams into dangerous hands? They sure did! Zack “Danger” Brown’s inexperienced hands.

After hours of potato wrangling, the Columbus Ohioan potato pioneer’s potato project was done.

Was is dill-icious or… full of BUGS!?

After watching the international coverage of the crowdfunding campaign, bugs world wide wanted their bite of the famously starchy and mayonnaise-y dish.


"Peace, Love & Potato Salad."Potato Salad Guy

  • 10 challenging waves
  • 15 different bugs of various speed, and strength.
  • 6 different bug types and to defend from.
  • Bonus items to enhance game play
  • Random levels to keep things interesting
  • Simple UI and one tap game play